Friday, December 1, 2017

2018 Regenerate Plan

After months of surveys, prayer and discussion New Song Church is taking the following steps to strengthen our ministry.

  1. 30 Day Prayer Triplets - Jan 28th to Feb 28th the congregation will meet in groups of 3 to pray for each other and for our church. 
  2. Assimilation Strategy Team - we will assemble a team to look at how we bring people from visitor to active relationship with the church.
  3. Small Group Strategy Team - we will assemble a team to train and launch small groups by September
  4. Leadership Personal Goals - each of our pastoral team and key ministry leaders will set personal growth and ministry goals in January
  5. Volunteer Training - by March we will have a person in place to focus exclusively on being a team trainer and developer
  6. Children's Ministry - develop a team to work alongside our children's pastor to improve the experience of children at church
  7. Leadership Development - Pastor Kevin will mentor 3 individuals over a 9 month period beginning in March.
  8. Pastor's Coach - Pastor Kevin will have a personal coach to meet with to maintain focus on the Regeneration goals
  9. Financial Teaching Track - we will provide practical education on money management and generosity
  10. Building Improvements - our lobby needs to finished and our washrooms refurbished for accessibility. Special Funds will need to be raised to make this happen.
  11. Worship - we will increase the involvement of Millenials in public ministry
  12. Regenerate Sunday - March 25th we will have prayer walks and site visits to where the church is actively engaged. We will make a fresh commitment to gospel engagement and communication with the people we serve
  13. Prayer Strategy - the month of April will have a focus on how we pray for the 'not yet' disciples

If you have a special passion or interest in any of these, please make an appointment or contact Pastor Kevin to share what's on your mind. 


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