Saturday, August 26, 2017


Five years ago we began a new adventure by renting space from Central United Church on Saturday nights. This was the birth of the downtown campus of New Song Church. And now that season is coming to a close.

Our last service will be on Saturday, September 9th and we hope the relationships made will continue. New Song Church will continue at our main campus on Drouillard Road.

So what have we learned in five years?

  1. Working with other churches is essential. Central United Church took a chance in letting us invade their space, but the friendships made will outlast our stay. Lifeline Church founds its way from Lasalle to meeting here on Tuesday nights and will remain. The Living Room and Ancient Future meetings brought people from many churches together in worship.
  2. Some places get you closer to where you need to be. Through the downtown campus, we gained insight into new neighbourhoods. We have open doors in the Cencourse Building, 920 Ouellette and Glengarry Housing. 
  3. Our heart for the city has grown. New neighbourhoods and strategic relationships have given us more reasons to say that we love Windsor!
  4. There is a time to bring things to a close. As we look at the people who consistently attend we realize that the time and location is convenient, but not essential. We can arrange rides to the main campus, refer people to Lifeline Church or Central United; and their walk with God will continue. We will still be in downtown neighbourhoods on a weekly basis reaching out to people and believe that our vision is sharper for having been here.

A heartfelt thank you to all who made sacrifices and gave to see it happen. Your work is not done, but it is changing direction.


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