Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Conference Brochure & schedule: send request by email to newsongchurch@cogeco.net

Accommodations: Specify if you prefer downtown hotels, billets or sleeping on the floor of New Song Church at Ford City Campus. Send request by email to newsongchurch@cogeco.net. Hotel info listed in post below.

Meals: Registration includes Saturday supper. A list of downtown restaurants will provided at registration table for Saturday lunch options.

LOVE THE CITY - CONTRAST is a weekend conversation on being a 'counter cultural people' living in the middle of the city. The early Church was a small community with a contrasting ethic and way of life that benefitted their friends - and enemies! It was countercultural - love not power, servants not lords. Our conversation explores contrast stories and models from both within and outside Windsor, done is such a way to encourage and challenge our love for the city. 


Shane Claiborne 
Friday night participants (first 100 tickets) will be hear Shane Claiborne in person at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (405 Victoria Ave., Windsor).


Shane Claiborne is one of the founding members of a New Monastic community named The Simple Way in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Shane is also a prominent activist for nonviolence and the redistribution of resources to the poor. A graduate of Eastern University, where he studied sociology and youth ministry, Claiborne did his final academic work for Eastern University at Wheaton College in Illinois. While at Wheaton, Claiborne did an internship at Willow Creek Community Church. He is a part of The Alternative Seminary in Philadelphia.


Saturday Conference Guests

David Adcock
(the guy in the back)
David Adcock was born in England where he studied his two greatest passions: God and justice. He earned degrees in Law and Master of Divinity. After pastoring, he worked as the National Director of World Vision Canada's NeighbourLink Program. For 11 years he served as Vice President at Yonge St. Mission where his work not only included overseeing ministry programs, planning and operations but also street work in the core of Toronto. He currently serves as CEO of ERDO bringing together international development, community development, justice and spiritual leadership.


Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers is the founding pastor of New Song Church serving Windsor's urban poor since 1994. He is the Chaplaincy & Community Builder consultant for Western Ontario District of Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada. He represents PAOC on the boards of Ontario Multifaith Council and Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition. He is founder of Urban Cry School of Mission preparing students for ministry in urban contexts. Rogers is a graduate of Master's College & Seminary & Loyalist College. He is our conference host.


Bob Cameron

Bob Cameron is the founder of Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative and co-host of this conference. DWCC is a faith based community seeking to live out the example and words of Jesus. Bob is a graduate of Tyndale Seminary.


Rielly McLaren
Rielly McLaren studied at Heritage College & Seminary and briefly at Oxford. He serves on the pastoral team of New Song Church and as a chaplain with The Rock On Campus, an outreach to St. Clair College students. He is the chaplain of St. Leonard's House, Windsor working with men returning to the community from prison. He also works as a facilitator with Dr. Paul Adams, a psycho-therapist doing group work with sexual offenders.


Steve Green
Steve Green serves on the pastoral team of New Song Church. Steve studied at Master's College & Seminary and is currently a student of Athabasca University with a focus on Arts & Integrated Studies.Steve has worked in as a chaplain, community agency director, halfway house program coordinator and numerous community gardening and agricultural initiatives.


Hugo Vega
Hugo Vega began his career as Coordinator of the Migrant Worker Community Program in Leamington Ontario and is now the Coordinator of the Orientation department at the YMCA of Windsor and Essex County, a federally funded program that assists refugees as they settle and adapt into their new society. Hugo serves on the Board of Directors of the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative and holds a position on the Windsor-Essex Local Immigration Partnership Executive Committee. Hugo is a Political Science graduate from the University of Windsor.


Paul Sharrow

Paul Sharrow serves as palliative care chaplain with Metropolitan Hospital and Hospice in Windsor. Previous work includes Compassion Canada, community chaplaincy, founding director of Lazarus Commission street church, Youth For Christ and as part of church pastoral teams.


Mike Morency

Mike Morency has served as a Pastor for urban congregations in Kitchener and Windsor, a Community Organizer developing broad based coalitions, and Program Manager for Windsor’s Downtown Mission.  Mike is a graduate of Emmanuel Bible College and the University of Windsor.  He serves as a Communications and Fundraising Consultant for area non-profits, and currently works for the Youth & Family Resource Network, assisting adults who are at risk of homelessness.


Stephen Lynn
Stephen Lynn serves as a community planner with the Ford City Neighbourhood Renewal, a United Way funded strategy which seeks to inspire residents participate and contribute to neighbourhood revitalization efforts. Stephen is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Urban Planning at Wayne State University.


Joseph Vaillancourt
Joseph Vaillancourt, B.Th., Developmental Social Worker. Joseph developed a passion for the marginalized community and the power of Christian discipleship as a means of bringin healing, and hope to the community. In 2009, Joseph attending a diploma program at Centennial College where he studied developmental and pervasive disabilities. In 2010, Joseph partnered with Willowdale Pentecostal Church, Christian Horizons, Community Living Toronto, the Griffin Centre, and Bloorview Village to develop an innovative approach to Christian discipleship for persons with developmental, learning, and pervasive disorders.


Marie Morrissey

Marie has a Forty year career involving the medical field and experiential learning. She is currently serving as an advocate/counselor with New Song Church daily interacting with local residents at the Breakfast program. She was inspired to volunteer after meeting Pastor Kevin at the funeral of a woman who overdosed. She is a champion of social justice.


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