Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What does it mean to be a volunteer?  Certainly it suggests that a person gives of their time and skill to help others accomplish something.

New Song Church has a very high percentage of people who pitch in to get the job done.  But volunteer is too small a word to describe the spiritual dynamic of what is happening.

‘Volunteer’ also implies that a person views this part of their life as optional.  While we always have a choice in what we give ourselves to, the Kingdom of God is about bigger things than personal options.

There is a sense of calling and purpose from God that motivates Christ’s followers to serve with unquestioning loyalty and honor to the Lord. 

At New Song Church we are not just looking for volunteers.  We are embracing the lives of people whom God has called to serve Him.  We are equipping ‘saints’ to do the work of the ministry.

That is so much higher than volunteerism.  It is a dynamic of tapping into the life-calling and God-purposes woven into each one.

People here love to serve because:

  1. There is a God-ordained need for workers
  2. Someone has given opportunity
  3. It’s not a waste of time

I look forward to exciting days ahead as your personal ‘lead-equipper’.


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