Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Year End Giving

Did you know that your tax credit may entitle you to receive as much as 53% of your donation back at tax time? 

Imagine that... you discreetly give to a worthy cause and the Canadian government reduces your taxable income so you pay less on taxes.

As 2017 comes to a close you still have time to give to your favourite causes. Churchgoers are keenly aware that we rely on the gifts of our donors to finance our mission. Christians give because it is a pleasure to do so and because we want to invest in people.

The left column of this webpage has a donate button with an opportunity to give.

You may also want to make a special year end donation to Feeding Windsor through their website at 

Thanks for helping us!

Friday, December 1, 2017

2018 Regenerate Plan

After months of surveys, prayer and discussion New Song Church is taking the following steps to strengthen our ministry.

  1. 30 Day Prayer Triplets - Jan 28th to Feb 28th the congregation will meet in groups of 3 to pray for each other and for our church. 
  2. Assimilation Strategy Team - we will assemble a team to look at how we bring people from visitor to active relationship with the church.
  3. Small Group Strategy Team - we will assemble a team to train and launch small groups by September
  4. Leadership Personal Goals - each of our pastoral team and key ministry leaders will set personal growth and ministry goals in January
  5. Volunteer Training - by March we will have a person in place to focus exclusively on being a team trainer and developer
  6. Children's Ministry - develop a team to work alongside our children's pastor to improve the experience of children at church
  7. Leadership Development - Pastor Kevin will mentor 3 individuals over a 9 month period beginning in March.
  8. Pastor's Coach - Pastor Kevin will have a personal coach to meet with to maintain focus on the Regeneration goals
  9. Financial Teaching Track - we will provide practical education on money management and generosity
  10. Building Improvements - our lobby needs to finished and our washrooms refurbished for accessibility. Special Funds will need to be raised to make this happen.
  11. Worship - we will increase the involvement of Millenials in public ministry
  12. Regenerate Sunday - March 25th we will have prayer walks and site visits to where the church is actively engaged. We will make a fresh commitment to gospel engagement and communication with the people we serve
  13. Prayer Strategy - the month of April will have a focus on how we pray for the 'not yet' disciples

If you have a special passion or interest in any of these, please make an appointment or contact Pastor Kevin to share what's on your mind.